Getting seriously addicted...

Caught my PB striper last week on an incoming high tide! The action was pretty insane, ran through a fat school and hooked up on 6 only keeping 1 which ended up being a 30" and 9.7lbs. The school was running so hot that I didn't really have time to take more than a couple pictures. The rest were all around 24-25". This brings up my count to 11 for my entire life lol. I was using a Calissa nuclear pink at first and hooked up on something so large i thought i had snapped a hook, turns out the split ring broke, never really had gear break on me from a large fish. I switched over to a joe baggs 6" chrome sardine color because i figured there were a lot larger fish in the area, which turned out to be true! Tried to work in some topwater because of how calm the water was but it was difficult for me to work it slowly so close to shore (I knew the fish were very close about 20ft away) but wasn't able to keep it in the strike zone long enough, thinking I'm going to need a lot more practice with it.

I was using my Okuma Guide Select Pro 9' M paired with a Daiwa 3000 Ballistic 20lb Jbraid. striper30.jpeg