Getting a bit nostalgic.


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I was looking for some old pictures and came upon these.
The long hair guy with the bell bottom pants at the very left is yours truly.
I am standing on a jetty in front of Casino at Avalon, Catalina. My first trip to Avalon. Year 1972.
I was there with college friends for one day to watch the friend in wetsuit to dive the wreck in front of Casino.

Those days I was not into ocean fishing in US. In Türkiye (new name) yes, but not in US. Which is unfortunate.
I was living in Huntington Beach, going to Golden West College on a student budget supported by my older brother.
Many a times I put ketchup on spaghetti and called it dinner.
I should have gone to pier and catch fish. Instead from time to time I would go to Sierras for trout.

My first mackerel was on Shelter Island pier fishing with my girlfriend (now wife). She caught it and I put it in a Styrofoam cooler.
The good size fish knocked the lid of the cooler. I put the lid back, then sat on the cooler.
Although I was much lighter (weight wise) then, I managed to break the cooler. Which had collapsed.
More than you wanted to know, I am sure.

Those days’ memories are very entertaining and fun to relive.


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Thanks guys.

I forgot to mention that; years later I did my ocean dive test in front of the Mole to get my Scuba Diver's certification. Sometime later I dove the same wreck which is about 90 feet in front of Casino.

Again no fishing. Infact the first time I fished the island was with Skipper Jones at a GTG in 2006.

Rest is history.