Fresh sheephead —

Ken Jones

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Got back this afternoon from spending three days in Catalina. Fishy-smelling clothes sitting on the washer, rods and reels cleaned properly, bait cooler cleaned, returning bait put in freezer, daily results entered into my computer, and fillets separated and put in smaller meal-size Zip-lock bags.

Lastly, made supper for my better half. Fresh sheephead fillets pan-fried in typical manner — flour, egg and panko. Flesh white-meat and delicious but a little soft; got the wife's stamp of approval.

Tomorrow I will post the pictures and reports. Also have some new about the new piers on Pier J in Long Beach.


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That's great, Mr. Ken! Looking forward to the report and pics.
I made my wife some fish (Salmon) and chips tonight with a tossed salad. It is still a big deal to me to get a "thumbs up" on my cooking from her - even after 43 years of marriage. You are a lucky man.


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4Runner still unpacked and full of gear from Catalina.

Bonito given to my Turkish friend. Cooler needs to be cleaned.

Working on the report.

Trying to rest after three days which was mostly standing at the railing.