Fort Bragg Fizzle

Similar to most recent posts, the fishing was slow on the north coast this past weekend. I tried fishing the rocks north of Ft Bragg this past Saturday. The wind, waves, and swell were all pretty strong but I cant go all the way over to the coast and not at least try fishing. The water clarity was also poor but I tried throwing a large swim bait first in pockets near where I could. Tide was just past low and starting in. No strikes for twenty minutes until the rocks ate it for good. Then set up a hi-lo with squid and shrimp. It took four ounces to hold bottom which is more than I normally use. After two hours with no bites, I called it. The incoming tide was starting to get my footing area wet . The rest of the day was spent celebrating a friends birthday and that was top notch.
Sunday before noon I stropped at the Noyo jetty to poke pole a bit on my way out of town. Same results, big swell, no bites. Surprised no one else was fishing or crabbing. Except for the wind, the weather was beautiful.
Next week I will be roaming So Cal. Oceanside pier, crystal cove, Mission bay, and anywhere else that seems worth trying. Worst case I can collect smelt or sardines to freeze and use as bait up north. Perhaps I will cross paths with some of you fine folks.