Fort Baker 9/20

Searching for new territory and a break from biggish swells, I fished the breakwater in front of the yacht club for 2 hours Friday morning. The tides were unfavorable, but anyway nothing but nibbles there.

Spent the next four hours on the Moore Rd Pier. Coast Guard was dispatched at some point to help with a rescue somewhere just oceanward of Fort Point. The smoke signal was obvious. Later an SFPD boat pulled in to the bay where several fire department emergency vehicles were waiting, I'm guessing to stabilize/transfer patients. Also, I helped a fellow angler release a very angry [Western?] gull from his line.

These events were more remarkable than the fishing. In four hours I donated a lot of shrimp and caught 1 blackperch, 2 walleye surfperch, and 1 very tiny brown rockfish. I saw no other fish landed. All anglers I questioned confirmed "no fish", but one did take a big bucket of "good size" rock crabs home.

I need to revisit the breakwater on a minus tide, to scout out the reefs at least, but I'll probably take a poke pole too.