Float Rig For Sharks

Ken Jones

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Date: June 27, 2003
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Subject: Anyone Ever Try A Float Rig for Sharks?

I use a set-up that works pretty good and gets your bait out further than anyone else’s. Double up your line about a foot above your rig (hook, leader, swivel, sliding sinker, etc.) and thread the loop through a Lifesaver candy, pass the loop over the Lifesaver so it cinches up against the candy and keeps it from sliding on the line, blow up a balloon and tie a knot in it, then tie the balloon to the candy either directly or attached to a few inches of line. Drop the rig in the water and let the offshore wind or current carry the balloon out to where you want it by free-spooling, when it gets to the spot, put your reel in gear and wait, it takes about 15 minutes for the candy to dissolve (less if you suck on it ha ha). Once the candy dissolves, the balloon floats away and the bait drops to the bottom. (Not responsible for hundreds of balloons floating to California beaches) ha ha

Name: shark bait

A float rig should work! I've seen this done in the South Bay near the airport on the out-going tide. A fellow fisherman used water balloons as the float and bullheads for bait. He caught two stripers and a 4-foot leopard shark.

Name: prometheus

I’ve seen this done in the Great Lakes, only they twist the stem of the balloon and use a heavy paperclip to prevent it from deflating. Once it'’ out if a fish pulls on the bait, or you jerk the rod back, the paperclip comes off the balloon. They hooked the end of the clip through the balloon by the ring so they could re-use it. I considered doing this at the Albany bulb, but the kayak works better to get the bait out and us to the fishing grounds. Balloons might make good halibut floats. Since sharks are not tackle wary, it’d probably work better to use a little foam float above the hook to get the bait up off the bottom. The only reason I'd consider this is crabs. Using 3 baits also helps with crabs since it takes more crabs/longer for your bait to disappear.

Name: Davey jones

I made a few float rigs from a 16oz soda bottle; just took the cap and made a slit for a snap swivel a fed it through the slit and pinned a small nail through the swivel loop and gooped it, and then screwed it back on. The good thing about it is that you can add water to it to give you weight for a cast. Talk about free!

Name: Rock Hopper

OK-has anyone ever CAUGHT a shark on a float rig?

Name: patrick333

I have even though it was only a 20" smoothhound.

Name: Ken Jones

Although the balloon technique may seem to be a good way to get a rig away from a pier it is not good for the environment — on many levels. I would not recommend this and only post it to show a technique you shouldn’t practice. Do not litter on the pier or in the water.