Fishing With My Mother At Huntington Beach Pier

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Today wife and I took my 85 y.o. mother fishing at Huntington Beach Pier. It's been over 5 years since she went pier fishing. Our last recollection of a fishing trip with her was to Oceanside pier.

She caught three smelt today! I caught one Thornback ray and one Round ray. I also caught a very large sand crab. It went after some anchovy!

The spotfin and yellowfin croaker bite was active at the midpoint. Fisherman using fresh mussel. Over a dozen caught between the 3 to 5 pound range for the spotfins.

Interesting note, a DFW biologist was talking to fisherman and noting the types of fish they were catching.

Overall a fun morning with my wife and mother! 20210819_102539.jpg 20210819_094924.jpg 20210819_122311.jpg
Those things can give you a hell of a bite! I’ve grabbed a few over the years trying to pull up a Sand Crab. Leaves a perfect circular your palm.