Fishing on the Superfish out of Loch Lomand...

Ken Jones

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Ran across these old pictures of fishing on the Superfish back in July 1983. Theses were pot luck trips — striped bass, halibut, lingcod and whatever else we could catch (sometimes salmon). That day I caught an eighteen pound halibut and an eight pound salmon.

1983.7.20_SF Bay_Bass Tub_Pot Luck.1.JPG

A couple of lingcod

1983.7.20_SF Bay_Bass Tub_Pot Luck.2.JPG

The Bass Tub

1983.7.20_SF Bay_Bass Tub_Pot Luck.3.JPG

Nice little hallie

1983.7.20_SF Bay_Bass Tub_Pot Luck.4.JPG


1983.7.20_SF Bay_Bass Tub_Pot Luck.5.JPG

Decent sized striper

1983.7.20_SF Bay_Bass Tub_Pot Luck.6.JPG

Same fish I think

1983.7.20_SF Bay_Bass Tub_Pot Luck.7.JPG

The rock where I caught a halibut and a salmon

Red Fish

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No pictures of you Ken? I guess you didn't trust any of those guys to take your picture without dropping it into the bay? About the era when I finished high school and would start to take my yearly trek on the "Huck Finn" with Jay Yokomizo as a deckhand and Art Roby as the skipper.

I never did bay trips as I would catch striper and halibut at Berkeley Pier; always Farallon Islands for rockfish/potluck during August.
I recognize some of that classic gear from that era in the photos: I see a 113 HS, a Newell, and a Calstar rod. I even see the 1 guy with what looks like a pier fishing spinning rod!

So, is the name of the rock a secret? Lol