Fishing in Taiwan and Japan... any pointers?

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Taking a 2 week vacation to these Asian countries, thinking of packing a rod as a carryon. What can I possibly catch in the ocean shore fishing around there? No licenses are required from what I’ve seen.


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When I went to on vacation, I didn’t know what to take either.

I would just go with the basics similar to what you would use here. A general spread of tackle, various sizes of hooks, weights, and swivels. Maybe bring a couple of spoons, metal jigs, top water hard baits (at least one read head and one fish pattern), one bright and dark back popper. Plastics and whatever you use to rig them, fish patterned swim baits, and light n dark grub tails. (maybe white and motor oil color) Spool on #30 braid with the option of various # test mono/ flouro leaders for versatility.

Learn what the locals are using and what fish are around.

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Watch — and ask questions if possible. When I have traveled to far away "new" locations I've raley been able to take much tackle but a couple of compact outfits with some assorted lures (as Mav mentions) will get you started.The advantage you have today is the Internet which has lots of information. And, if you have the money, local guides can really show you the local ropes.

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Turns out that I rods can’t be carry ones because they are considered weapons or something, so I guess I’ll just bring a reel and some gear and buy a cheap rod there. I might try to stick my shortest rod into my checked luggage. I’ll see. Thanks for the tips.


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Call the airline ahead of time and confirm with them what the restrictions are regarding fishing rods. I've gotten away with carrying multipiece rods (Daiwa ardito) without an issue. I wouldn't bother with the terminal tackle until you get there unless you want to bring lures. Need to take off the hooks if you bring lures or keep them in the checked baggage. Good luck and let us know what you catch!