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When fishing from shore I’ve heard that it is best to fish when water is calmer and clearer. However, on apps like tides4fishing it will say highest fishing activity is during times of high coefficient which means rougher usually murkier water. What conditions should I be looking for? Is Tides4fishing a good tool for scheduling trips since I’m coming from sac I want to make the most of my trips. Any info is appreciated.


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One thing I can guess at is that it is going to be a WHILE before the fishing improves in the bay and nearby coast do to the present salinity levels and all the crap being flushed out from who knows where.......the accumulated detritus of a lot of years got flushed out and we have some pretty sick resident fish species out there I suspect........

Brock Norris

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i agree the water is pretty messed up now because of all the run off but i always try to fish the tides moving water usually stirs the clarity of the water up but it also triggers the fish to go into feeding modes Brock
Without those factors is it a good idea to use something like tides4fishing to plan trips? High coefficient is related to the moon phases and apparently those moon phases can affect activity level in fish. I did have a successful trip the first time I used it as a resource but not sure if that was a fluke

Ken Jones

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It depends a lot on the fish you are seeking. The food that most bottom feeders feed upon (i.e. clams, worms, ghost shrimp) tend to be in the area whether clear water or murky. In addition, many of the bottom feeding fish rely on smell more than sight to find food (one reason why some fish like croakers and sturgeon have barbels to help in finding food). Many gamefish on the other hand are primarily seeking out baitfish and they primarily rely on sight to find those gamefish. In addition, the baitfish move around and tend to like cleaner water. So, depending upon the fish you are seeking out, clear water may or may not be important.