Fish and Wildlife is looking for this guy...


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Wow that sharks a baby. They gaff it? I'm sure that dude had some help.

Is that Ocean Side though? Doesn't Ocean Side have diagnal floor boards? (I haven't been there in years.) And look at the top railing. I remember it being flat and not overly thick. That looks more like a slanted angled top rail.

Out of all the piers in SD, that looks like Imperial Beach.


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As it turns out he was not the angler. He has posted his side of the story. I do not believe a lot of his response as to not being able to identify the type of shark as some of his other instagram posts prior to this incident seem to contradict that. Hint, not the first great white catch he has been part of. Other was released though. I will give him the benefit of the doubt he was not the angler.


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Sometimes, I hear people’s excuses in the case they do anything illegal, “I’ll just say I didn’t know.”

It annoys me so much that I want to smack them in the back of the head.