Fish and Game extends Red Abalone Fishery closure to 2021

Ken Jones

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Probably a good thing given the recent problems with high tides and the amount of poaching that's gone on over the years. Some poachers are caught but many are not. When I lived in Boonville and owned the Horn of Zeese coffee shop the abalone weekends (low tides) would be great for business (people coming and going from the coast).


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The State of California ....or COMMIEFORNIA as I prefer to call it.......Is the most Mismanaged Fish and Wildlife Program IN THE NATION.....It is a joke really......It has nothing to do with Population Decline, Stock Recruitment or any real SCIENCE ......... IT has everything to do with appeasing the Bunny Huggers.....AND taking away many of the freedoms we grew up with.

Red Tide WAS an issue.......But the Population now CAN support a limited recreational harvest.......and Poaching has ALWAYS been a problem......Mostly because there are not enough RANGERS in this Mismanaged farce of a state to enforce the laws.

Forgive me for being a little bitter......but we now live in a State that doesn't allow SHELL COLLECTING on many beaches......
What u talking about no rangers. We always got checked comming home. One time we got checked 3 times when we were going home. Its the slow growth and the poachers that is messing up the population