Finally the halibut wake up

Yesterday I immediately got a keeper halibut. I put on a 4 inch smelt in the surf area and trolled it back to straight down and there she was. She was 22 inches exactly and a female I noticed when I cleaned her. Throughout the day I had three other good strikes with a 20 inch one and one I lost which was bigger than my 22 inch keeper. It ran right into the surf where I lost her. Now that is a better day than it has been in a long time. None of my group had any strikes or fish, so I guess it was my day.

There have been roving schools of Halibut all Winter. It is like Fall never left. The addition of some monster Yellowfin Croaker has doubled the fun. Last trip, at 56 street I ran into a school of large Spotted Bay Bass. The waves were brown with them for a while, I landed 13. There have been Anchovies in the Surfline in North Newport. Tons of barely Short to Keepers on them. Long casts with a 2 ounce feathered Kastmaster were necessary to stay around the bait. Finally the big Female Barred Perch are slamming the Jerkbaits. They are big, fat and fight great on lighter line. Please release these big pregnant Girls full of babies! Hope to see you soon at Balboa Pier. I have been getting Breakfast at Ruby’s about twice a week, riding my bike down from Anaheim.