Field & Stream line



About year ago I've look for thinnest line about 15lb. 17lb Field & Stream line was surprisingly thin and I bought it. After that I had a lot of issues with health and only recently I've returned to fishing. I started testing my lines and found that Field & Stream line has excellent strength with small diameter.
Yesterday I've bought again in the Dick's 17 and 20lb monofilament moth green. In my tests 17lb line was broken on 21lb and 20lb was broken on 25lb like 20lb Trilene XT Extra Tough line which is twice more expensive and at same time has bigger diameter - 0.018" vs. 0.0159" Field & Stream line! Line is very smooth and has no memory. IMHO it is excellent line which is underpriced.


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Sounds interesting. There were a few lines out there that I remember being low cost until people started finding out how good they were.

For the fishing I do, I also look into abrasion resistance and shock strength. I do a lot of spotted bay bass fishing with mono from shore so I do a lot of hard frequent casts. I’ve come across some lines that can’t handle the shock and if I don’t tone my casts down, I’ll loose jigs just from casting in mid swing. As for abrasion, eel grass can put a beating on line. You might not see it but all it takes is a pull in hand then SNAP.