Fathers taking daughters fishing & and granddads taking grandchildren fishing...

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Daddy's Little — Tonight I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when suddenly I missed my Dad, 11 years in his grave. I wanted to tell him about Grad school, and all the possibilities. I knew that if he were still alive, he'd immediately be bragging to his friends about his little girl, all grown up and what she's doing. I knew that he'd be proud of me, supportive of me...and that even though I'm "all grown up", I'm still Daddy's little girl. Because that's the way it is.

There is a very special bond between fathers and daughters, and God designed it that way.

When I was a little girl, I used to follow my daddy everywhere. I didn't care what he was doing...I wanted to be with him and I wanted to be like him. When we went to visit his parents in Michigan, we'd go out to the pier and go fishing, and this was our very special time together.

I remember how daddy used to bait the hook for me for a twofold reason; I did not like to touch the worms, an issue that faded with time, and secondly, more importantly, he did not want me to poke myself with a hook. So he carefully baited my hooks, explained the "sinkers", how to handle the line, what to do with the reel...and how to be patient and WAIT for the fish to bite.

We passed hours that way. It was our special time. I'll never forget the smell of Lake Michigan, the breeze constantly blowing across the empty pier, the cement canals, the metal, oval-shaped moorings which never seemed to have anything to anchor. Seagulls soared overhead, piercing the air both with their wings and their squeals, puncturing the low clouds which were forever present in the northland along the lakeshore. I'll never forget the fish we caught, or more importantly, the time we spent together. They are treasured moments. They are from a time in history when I was "daddy's little girl", from when daddy taught his little girl how to fish. I know for a fact that my dad treasured those moments perhaps even more than I.

I miss you, Dad.

Posted by climberb9

I'll be the first to admit that that brought ...a tear to my eyes. A good reminder of how precious every moment you have with the people you love are. And an even better reminder of how important it is to fish with your friends and family, and to take kids fishing.

Posted by baymaster

I love fishing with my daughter even though we spend most of our time hunting for golf balls or counting night crawlers.

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Here's a pic of my son and daughter in October 2003. She wasn't even 2 yet and he was just 3 1/2 yrs. They grow up fast! I'm fortunate to have spent many precious moments with my kids fishing, even though they can be a handful.

Posted by Ken Jones

It’s funny with kids. When they were young, I took my daughter Kimberly and my son Michael fishing with me as much as possible. To this day Kim likes to fish while Michael can take it or leave it. My newest padawan however is my granddaughter Serena who I first took fishing when she was about three. Her first fish were some BIG bluegill from the dock by my back yard. She then transitioned to the pier in Isleton and a number of small striped bass. Then my son had the audacity to change jobs and move to San Diego. I didn’t know when I would get the chance to fish with her again but we did at the Ocean Beach Pier and Crystal Pier.

Recently the San Diego Sportfishing Council had a Kid’s Fishing Derby at the Shelter Island Pier and several of my buddies from UPSAC went down to help out (and teach them how to pier fish since most of the SDSC are long range anglers). I told my friends to keep an eye out for Serena who was going to be there and then, lo and behold, she won her age division (see the story below). So maybe I did something right. Still need to get down there though just to show her a few more tricks.

Results of the Fifth Annual IGFA Young Anglers Tournament

By Ed Zieralski, San Diego Union-Tribune Staff Writer, September 29, 2007

Over at Shelter Island Pier yesterday, 70 young anglers ages 6 to 15 competed in the points tournament (all fish released) sponsored by the San Diego Sportfishing Council and the International Game Fish Association. Serena Jones took first place in the 6-year-old category. She's the granddaughter of Ken Jones, author of the pier fisherman's bible, “Pier Fishing In California.” Other age-class winners included Andrew Espirito, 7; Abraham Alvarez, 8; Amanda Byra, 9; Jessica Hernandez, 10; Jake Kertzman, 11; Conner Ballantyne, 12; Sabrina O'Neal, 13; Sierra Spinuzza and Jordan Moore, 14, tied; Justin Lee, 15. Sabrina O'Neal was the overall points winner with 18 and won for the second time in the tournament's history. She also won in 2004. Her name will be engraved in the Young Angler Tournament perpetual trophy, which will be on display at the Shelter Island pier.




Grandson Adam, granddaughter Serena, and granddaughter Daphne at the Crystal; Pier.