Elephant Rock 4/17

Local officials have shut down parking in Marin at most of the shore access spots, but I live in Tiburon now and I was lucky enough to have my lady drop me off at Elephant Rock tonight for a few hours of solo fishing.

I have had little to no success trapping/netting/sabiki-ing live bait lately, but have done well with the schoolie bass in Corte Madera Creek/Richardson Bay near dusk with lures and decided to change it up and target a mixed bag with dead bait.

I fished tray anchovies on stinger rigs with flash skirts at the bottom of the incoming this evening and saw quite a bit of action:

Three sea monsters broke all manner of terminal tackle... one large shark cut the leader after two powerful runs filled with head shakes; one 30-40lb ray ran with the tide and took me around the condominium pilings; and one absolute monster ray nearly spooled my 5000 Stella *against the current* on a one way freight train ride to Angel Island before breaking a 40lb mono shock leader to 40lb braid at the FG knot.

I did manage one barely legal striper (pic attached) that I released.

Quite a night... never know what beasts are lurking at the bottom of Raccoon Strait.


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