Easy Citrus Fish

Easy citrus fish served with yams and rice.

If you don’t like sweet, then forget it. This is not the recipe for you. I don’t like lemons and I don’t like lime. They are too tart for my taste. But I do like orange and mango which are also good on fish. I started out using just orange concentrate and it was good, but then I saw some Mango Orange and that sounded (and tasted) better. I also tried guava passion orange. This one we liked most.

So, the recipe:
Prep your fish. A little salt and pepper and then dip in beaten egg.
Roll the fish in Italian bread crumbs (or which ever type you like)
Saute the fish in a little olive oil and butter

When the fish is done to your taste (but don’t overcook it). Remove it from the pan and set aside.
Turn off the frying pan. Pour in the orange concentrate (not diluted) into the same frying pan and stir with any pan juices left from the fish to gently warm the sauce. Use as much concentrate as you like. There should be enough heat to thaw and warm the sauce, but if not, warm gently on low heat while stirring.

Pour the sauce over the fish fillets on the plate

Brock Norris

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love your style i do like lemons and lime but also sweet thanks another of your recipes i like going to make that tomorrow i may get fat staying in and cooking eating ha thanks keep them coming