East SF Bay Fishing Report 09/11/19

Red Fish

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Quick Eastbay pier report!

Although late in the season, some keeper buts are still around.
They haven’t all gone to the channel or out the Gate yet but it is noticeably slower than a month ago.
  • The key is live bait and it might just be worth your drive to J&P in the City with your cooler and aeration.
  • Regular old 3/way 1:3 bait to weight drop (1foot hookline/3feet weight line)
  • 1 ounce of lead as it came right at turn of outgoing to in, so slow part of tides.
  • Size 15 conventional with clicker
  • #4 Hayabusa circle like they have at Big 5
  • 23.5" Cali Hali /also caught a short striper at 17"


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