East Cape trip 7/27/2021. Long with pictures.


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Looking at Skipper's report reminded of couple of fish that I had caught, but since I did not take picture, I forgot to mention.

One was a needle fish which is a common catch, but the other was a first for me.

A puffer fish with live bait while fishing for roosters.
I haven't tried ice fishing though it's popular with my friends. I've added a pic of a trout my friend Dennis Burling pulled out of the ice. Resized_20191120_062230_8514.jpeg
Frankly, I have fished less up here than I did down there. The pace is definitely slower, so despite there being plenty of opportunity I think I haven't really done much. I'm within a short drive from wold-class waters like Henry's Fork and the Snake but I haven't done as much exploring as I could.

Dennis and his friends love pulling big fish from the ice.


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African Pompano.

African pampeno 2.jpg
I had forgotten my camera, so another angler took this picture with his phone and sent it to me yesterday.
Thus, picture was not in the post above.