Dungies in the Surf

The other day I got skunked at Montara. I had better luck this morning, north of Pacifica. 3 caught in about 3.5 hours, all keeper males. Only the first one required measuring and he was over by about a sixteenth. The other two were obvious.

Bait was squid, some mackerel heads and some freezer burnt surf perch. I did best when the snare had lots of fresh squid in it.

Gear was home made sand spike, 10' Beef Stick, Daiwa BG 5000, 50# braid, eBay crab snare kits with 3-4 oz lead inside and the magic 3 oz sputnik weight on the end. I stopped by Hi's Tackle Box afterward hoping to pick up another, but they didn't have this style. That thing's amazing for anchoring a snare in the surf.

When soaking and prepping snares didn't consume every minute, I did a little surf casting using both gravid sand crabs and a rubber crustacean. Nothing bit.

This one got killed in the bucket (one of the big ones tore its claw off during the brawl) so I boiled it up right away. IMG_20191108_134600.jpg