Does anybody here ACTUALLY own and fish with an INTERLINE ROD


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These were THE THING years back...and now you don't hardly hear about them anymore and I don't know anybody that even owns one.


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I have used the sabiki rod version. Nice to be able to reel the rig into the rod and have no tangles or hook anything. Telephone post with no feel though. Never got to try the lighter versions.


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I have to agree.....Crewed a few Charters when the Sabiki Rods were just becoming available.......and they did a good job of bringing in the bait....Been watching fishing videos from Japan and interline rods are still somewhat common off the piers for smaller species when bait fishing


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I like my Ahi bait rod. It is very safe to put away the hooks while on kayak, boat or the car. I have a 7 and 8 foot version. With a bit heavier sinker it can cast far enough.