Diego Garcia Revisited

Hope everyone is doing well and getting out to fish as often as evanluck ;)

I haven't done much fishing as of late as I am in preparation to head back to Diego Garcia this evening. I wanted to get in a quick report before I left. I found some photos from 2016 and 2018 while out in DG. This will be my 3rd six month stint out there and hoping to do a LOT more fishing! I wanted to share some photos from past trips and will be definitely provide many more upon my return in November.

During my last trip in 2018, I was fortunate to have sailed with a 2nd mate who was an avid fly fisherman and he taught me a few things. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to fish with him as our work schedules always differed. Not to mention he was VERY selective on the days he fished as he paid close attention to favorable weather and tides. I saw plenty of photos of the fish he caught which included for the most part bonefish and trevally.

I usually pack light for my trips, but included a few wahoo jigs in my luggage. While anchored in the lagoon, I've caught and have seen others catch a variety of rockfish, snapper, skipjack, barracuda, triggerfish, milkfish, sweetlip, eels. There are also plenty of sharks in the Chagos Archipelago ( hammerheads are super cool to see, but they definitely give you something to think about when wakeboarding in the marina lol

When the ship gets underway every so often, we troll using paracord and hand-line for wahoo, skipjack, king mackerel, and an occasional yellowfin, and dorado.

Hope you all have a great summer, stay safe, and God Bless. Oh, and go get those boneheads!!!



Skipjack.jpg Trevally.jpg Wahoo.JPG Big Wahoo.jpg Milkfish.jpg Sweetlip.jpg Coconut Crab.jpg My Office View.jpg Turtle Cove 1.jpg Kayaking.JPG