Diamond Classic Pier Contingency.

Red Fish

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25 Pier kids
24 caught fish
1 healthy 19” striper as grand catch

The best weather ever in all the years I’ve volunteered at Martinez Pier.

Pictured is one of pierfishing’s living legends (started on pierfishing as a 9-year-old) Justin Morris, now a commercial California halibut fisherman and also works on Capt. Steve Talmedge’s “Flash Fishing” sport fishing boat in the winter.
The other pictures are: Capt. Steve Talmedge, PFICER’s: Baitchucker, Red Fish, and SofaKing. XPostman from PFIC was there but missed the reception photo-op.The photos are from the reception/awards.

Note: if you wish to see pictures of the derby kids, please go to DiamondClassic.org as I have no authorization to take kids’ photos at the event.
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Great seeing you, Robert, at the Diamond Classic. David and I will be Co-Chairmen of the pier derby starting next year! We will be reaching out to you and all of the pier fishing community for ways to improve the pier derby and looking for volunteers!
I have included a few pictures I had of the pier kids and one of David’s sturgeon.
See you soon! Doug and David


Red Fish

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Glad to see you all out there helping the kids (and good to see some old faces).
Ken, here’s your Nor-Cal group. All of these guys are top-notch fishermen and I’ve learned quite a bit from sharing thought and ideas with them. From long-range trips to pier fishing. Art, third from the left, even manufactures custom fishing sliders. People in this group have enough expertise to give mini-seminars on topics such as rod-wrapping to fishing methods if we have events that included such things. You might have some support here Ken if the PFIC events go forward? Some are mostly boating now, but I‘m sure you could get a couple (along with other members that want to participate in the organizational part). You never know when the next “Minnow-Magnet” will be on the horizon!
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