Delta Stripers


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The cabin fever was too much for me this morning so I dragged my boat out of storage and headed out to Brannan Island Launch ramp to fish for striped bass.
Ended up fishing several spots on the perimeter of Frank's Tract on the San Juaquin side. I tied up some big versions of a high/lo rig with one branch tied at about a foot off the bottom and the upper branch tied about 18 inches above that. The bait was whole frozen anchovies held onto the hook with lots of "Magic" thread. Most of the fish I caught had taken the upper bait.

Got hits pretty much all day on both outgoing and incoming tides. caught 13 fish to 19 inches. All lip hooked and released to fight another day. The weather was mild with mostly sun and (for the Delta) very little wind. Pretty good way to come back from the skunk I got last week on the coast!

Striper in net.jpg Barely legal keeper.jpg Sunset on the Delta.jpg

Ken Jones

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When I lived in Lodi, 1999-2008, I did a lot of fishing in the Delta, mostly from the piers at Isleton and Rio Vista. I was always amazed at the number of stripers to be caught. The closest thing to the number of fish we would see every year at Avalon.