Deadliest catch?

Ken Jones

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Ran across this old Message Board post about the Imperial Beach Pier.

Date: August 30, 2007; To: PFIC Message Board; From: Ken Jones; Subject: I heard an angler caught a “live” hand grenade...

at the Imperial Beach Pier on Wednesday. Apparently the bomb squad came out and disarmed it. Now that's a catch and I'm surprised no one got hurt. BTW, how can you have a "live" hand grenade in the ocean? Wouldn't they degrade? Of course I don't know how long it was there. AND, how did it get there?

Posted by: SturgeonSlayer23

THIS should be “The Deadliest Catch”


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I believe there were a couple of earlier accounts too. I remember that one though. Two weeks after, I think I caught a bag of rocks but I didn’t want to bring it onto the pier. So, I cut it loose.