Days spent fishing...

Ken Jones

Staff member
An old survey. I wonder how the figures would look today, especially given the number of kayakers (private boats?) and the MLPA restrictions in some areas that can affect shore access?

From an old post:

CA Recreational Fishery Survey 2004 —

The 2004 survey shows the following angler days spent in California:

(1) Piers, jettys and breakwaters — 8,166,038
(2) Party and charter vessels — 725,319
(3) Private boats and rental boats — 672,965
(4) Beach and Bank — 302,468

The information can be found at under Informational report 2, Table 2, Page 3.

According to Ed Roberts of the California Fish and Game, "A report on the CRFS (California Recreational Fisheries Survey), written by CDFG, was presented to the Pacific Fishery Management Council and is included in the briefing book for the March Council meeting."

So yes indeed pier and shore fishermen are a force to be reckoned with.