Dana Point Jetty - It's Been A Long Absence For Me.

Fishman Fishman

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Fished the jetty this morning. Last time I was here was approximately 45 years ago with my parents. Used old spark plugs for weights back in the day because of the numerous snags. Environmently correct for today?

Now there is the pier, restrooms, and the Ocean Institute building. Overall the area is real nice to visit and fish.Things have changed for the better I believe.

Bite was slow. Landed a 14 inch Sheepshead on hi/lo rig with mussel. Appropriate meal for Ash Wednesday and nice way to start Lent. Very grateful for this one fish today. 🙏

Happy fishing everyone!



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Nice job! Glad you got back to the jetty after such an extended absence and that your efforts were rewarded with a notable fish! Thanks for the report!