Dana Point 8/5 and Seal Beach 8/6 and 8/8


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Some short fish reports.

Dana Point 8/5
A friend invited me out to Dana Point, where he had seen a good spotfin croaker bite at the jetty. We arrived at around 1 pm, and fished ghost shrimp and lugworms on carolina rigs until 6. There was moderate wind, and we fished the outgoing tide. Fishing was slow; I caught two small spotfin, a rock wrasse, and a short halibut, while my friend caught three spotfin, one of which was fairly nicely sized, a short sand bass, and a round ray. It looked similarly slow for the other anglers. We moved to the Dana Point Harbor pier, where I caught one spotfin and popped off another right at the pier.

Seal Beach 8/6
I went to Seal Beach the following evening to use up my leftover ghost shrimp. I fished from 5-7:30 pm, and fished next to the jetty. There was moderate wind, and I forget what the tides were. Fishing was again slow, and I caught only two short halibut, a diamond turbot, and a round ray. I was doing substantially better than the other anglers around me, who got completely skunked.

Seal Beach 8/8
I found some old salted sardines from last year sitting at the bottom of my freezer, and decided to get rid of those. I fished from 5-7:30 pm, this time around the midpoint between the jetty and the pier. The wind was pretty bad, and I again forgot to look at the tides. Fishing was fairly slow, and I caught three thornback guitarfish and a yellowfin croaker. I didn't see too many other anglers, but the one I saw looked like he was getting skunked too.