Crab opener

Im not sure where to go this year. Covid19 is a big risk on Pacifica pier at the wee hours and it has gotten COLD, it's going to Snow up in the mountains for sure. Baker Beach is crowded these days. Has anyone ever had luck on the other side, Marin Headlands, it's got alot more hiking needed to say the least and dangerous as Ocean beach except instead of being pulled into the ocean you get washed under the bridge if you are too close I hear. Funtimes this weekend. Be safe, I hope lots of crabs are there for everyone.. :)
I was at Ocean Beach just for a few hours. No surfers at all which is rare (I am about 10 mins up hill so go there in the mornings alot and always packed with surfers) for obvious reasons, really rough out there. Near shore at low tide it was OK to cast in since the tide got really slow then. I didn't get any, not even much bait nibbled, lots of people lined up but good enough room, I saw 1 pulled in over a few hours around the low tide. Going to tour around tomorrow in the morning. Weather in the morning today was OK with a bit of sun but by the early evening dark clouds and really cold. Tomorrow looks pretty cold and cloudy.


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I didn't catch any. I heard it was gonna be windy and surfy on Sunday so I went Saturday and managed to find a spot on Bakers. And used heavy weights. still getting it swept sideways and no crabs.
Went to Pacifica this morning to check it out. Wind was crazy and waves churning foam everywhere. Not many, but a certainly dedicated group at the end of the pier outside of the churn. Waves were pretty high out at the end too, not sure how successful it's going to be. I'm going to try Ocean beach again late this afternoon hoping storm blows through by then and again at dawn Monday morning before work.
I got my traditional egger throw back 5:30am or so at Pacifica Pier Monday after being there since it opened. Wind was finally gone and not really that crowded but really quiet and chilly. Not much action going on at all.

I saw Brunswick stock go way up. Crab season related? Those skiffs must be selling well. I wish DFG would think about boats generally and not just commercial vs sport. Being on shore is alot more sporting than on a boat.

Ocean beach late on Sunday after a serious bit of rain was somewhat tolerable but a wind swept sandstorm prior to that. I still had sand in my ears after taking a shower later that night in fact. I think I saw one other crab angler just before sunset and no luck at all, foam everywhere, seaweed was trying to take me down, snare going all over the place...

Thanks for the reminder on Kirby Cove. I'll give it a shot but almost always it's Rock Crab there for me. I think I got one short/throwback Dungie there in all the times. But it's really a pleasant hike down there and very scenic. At least Rock Crab is something to bring home though, no complaints!