Conventional rod for a jigmaster?

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Just traded some parts for a jigmaster on alantani maybe a week or two ago, and don’t have a rod for it yet. It’s got some 20lb on it and has aluminum bars and steel gears. Don’t know what rod to use it on, and would like some suggestions, maybe some thing less than $50. I would probably use it as a med/heavy setup on the piers(maybe try ray fishing for once) and maybe on party boats if I go down to LA. Might also use it double duty for a squidder too. Any suggestions?


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My friend was in the same situation but I don't think they still sell the Ugly Stik that he got.

I usually only go #20 mono on my wide 140 Squidders. Jigmasters max out on #30 mono. So, I'd go with this Penn Rampage RAMBW2040C70LB. The line rating is #20-#40 and it's a 7' rod. Not too light and not too heavy. Perfect length for your application. It goes for about $59.95 but you might be able to find it cheaper when you shop around.

On the light side of the combination of those two reels, you would be looking at a rod with a #15-#30 line rating BUT, I'd rather not have my rod under gunned on a party boat.

They also have rods with a #20-#50 line rating BUT, It's probably over kill.
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Yeah, TigerStik. You could go with one of those Shimano TDR Rods but the Shakespeare will last you at least a decade.
With 20#, get something light-action 12-30.
Yep, ugly-stick Tiger, and a Jig-master. Basicly the "rent-rod" combo used on most all the party boats down south, most all of them are spooled up with 40lb mono too. They'll handle anything from blue seaperch to 25/30lb yellow-tail, 50lb WSB ect. About the only thing they can't handle "locally" are the elusive "King-Smelt!" Ha, Ha, Ha, Just a joke son...


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Went to a local////NAMELESS////Tackle shop and they had some sweet looking 8' Ugly Stick Tiger Rods.......BUT.......EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAD A BENT BLANK OR GUIDES THAT WERE OUT OF ALIGNMENT...........Horrifying
just got back from a trip on the coral-sea out of S-B. All their rent rods are tigers with jig-master 500's, not that we need rent rods but, in case one of the guys has a rod malfuntion the crew'll set'em up with one to keep'em fishing, I'll tell ya'all the boys on the stardust and/or the coral-sea out of Santa-Barbara are just about the finest crews you'll find on a sportboat bar-none! Tell them Marty sent ya, they'll probably charge ya double!
PS. if you wanna, go on the coral-sea website/facebook to check out the charter trip pictures on the 2nd of march. The young guy with wiskers and the BIG Red took the jack-pot, I'm the guy with the green Ling.

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Ugly stick tiger huh... figures, can’t break an ugly stick unless you tried. Guess that’ll be the top pick unless I find something cheap in a bargain bin or something. Thanks for all your recommendations.