Cold Days Hot Meal


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Hey Guys,

With the cold temps coming, been thinking about food during trips. It would be extremely satisfying and convenient to have a hot meal on certain remote locations/situations. How do you guys do it? Or you stick to cold sandwiches??

I got this portable powerbank HALO Bolt. Specs are AC 115V 65W and I just picked up an electric lunch (Specs are 110V 65W) box $3 bucks from a yard sale. It is missing the power cord (2 prong) which I will purchase from ebay. I am hoping it will work.


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I use MRE meals. My last source was an Army surplus store. There is a company called "Heater Meals" that provides every thing in a box. Less than $10.00 per meal.

In the cold weather, I keep the package under my coat as a heat source while it is "cooking". Must be careful, because produces steam.

If I can heat water (where it is allowed) I use de-hydrated food packages. Less than $10.00 from REI.

During ice fishing, I use my heater (Mr. heater buddy) to warm up soups.

As a side note---In upcoming ice fishing trip, I plan to catch a fish called Cisco and deep fry them on the lake. See YouTube for a video called Cisco Disco at Bear lake.
(1) The Cisco Disco at Bear Lake - YouTube

I hope I was helpful.