Coast Guard Pier 12/18/2020

Went out to the Coast Guard Pier and it didn't disappoint. Caught a Cabazon that was 12 in(released, legal size is 15 in) and a 8in black and yellow rock fish(kept for soup).

Both were caught on squid fished between the rocks, around 12pm. Kept fishing for 2 hours and lost about 6 rigs with no more fish. Couldn't even snag some bait for Lingcod.

The main gate was closed off for repair/maintenance, and the Coast Guard said it would be about mid January before they fully reopened the pier :(

Hopefully will go again Monday to here or Wharf no.2

P.S. Thanks Ken for the tips on the step ladder and the extended net.
20201218_162609.jpg 20201218_162723.jpg