Classic Thread — A Boy and His Yellowtail

Ken Jones

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Was considering a board called "Classic Threads" and ran across this old thread. I imagine the young man has grown, matured, and gone on to bigger and better fish. But it was still an emotion evoking debate.

One of the most interesting episodes on the Pier Fishing In California message board concerned the catch of a yellowtail at the Balboa Pier that may have been a record for the pier. It concerned a young man (Aaron) who was a pretty good fisherman but also one who had made many enemies while posting several false reports to the site (including the capture of an albacore in Newport Bay). When he finally made a catch-of-a-lifetime from the pier, a 35-pound yellowtail, most people were ready to simply chuck it up as another attempt at a hoax.

Date: November 2, 2003
To: PFIC Message Board
From: FishY
Subject: Balboa Pier 11.01.03 35# yellow

Hey everyone, this is a message from yours truly (Aaron). For the unbelievers, we have witnesses (Snookie's friend), and I personally saw it. So you can take it at face value, or if u don't want to... please don't read the following...
The following are the words of Aaron—I arrived at Balboa Pier at 6:05 am and setup just to the left of the end left corner. There were sardines everywhere and a few small boils here and there, probably just macks. Well my buddy Thomas flylined a small 4-inch sardine on 15-lb line on a Corsair 300a and number 4 BRONZE BAITHOLDER hook and was picked up he yelled out fish on. Well after maybe less than 5 min he told me to take over so for the next 1hr 20min I fought a mystery fish up and down the entire length of Balboa Pier. All the way to the surf and back. Getting the fish to color was all we were worried about. First we were thinking bat ray, then thresher, then wsb when we saw a silver flash, and the about 40 min into the fight right near the surf we saw what we thought was about a 15lb yellowtail. Well, we saw it, that was all that mattered.
The fish took me into the pilings once and I pulled him out using the waves, then it did it again and finally just past the second tee it went around 2x and we could see him swimming and wrapped up, this fish was dead tired by this time I was thinking my 15-lb was gonna break and I knew I had no chance so I handed the rod to Chris, (yep were still fishing together) and manned my landing net. Well I dropped it down and missed once then twice then I dropped it deep saw the yellow come over and I swooped up and got him in the net. The fish was so tired it didn't even flop around in the net it just laid there. I could barley get the thing over the railing. Well we finally did and my 2nd pier caught yellowtail. I caught about a 5-lber three weeks ago amidst all the bonito but didn't find it important enough to post since Randy, Snookie’s friend, knows about it so it was true. Well after getting measurements and taking it to the Balboa Market where the butcher weighed it for us my buddy Thomas took it to a taxidermist where he’s making a mold today and filleting it up tonight. This was a 35-lb yellowtail and I’m sure the biggest taken ever off a California pier.
I talked to a few guys on the half and 3⁄4 day boat and while trying to find a place to get a wait [weight] like Daveys and Newport Landing the Newport landing captains got on the radio and broadcast to all the other sport boats that a kid just caught a 35-lb yellow off Balboa Pier. After that, at about 3, I think Fishy showed up and the bonies ran and run they did. We got ‘em on bait jigs; it didn't matter these were bigger 2-3-lb fish. Chris lost about a 4-5-lber on a jig.
Well here’s the pix my friend Thomas will either be posting today or tomorrow to help verify. I can’t reply to any posts because my bayfisher86 posting privileges were revoked and I don't know why? So Fishy is posting for me. I hope this helps back up everything else too like my 8-foot thresher in May that Snookie knows about and her friend saw so if you have any questions or comments email me at
<*))>< "something is FishY here"

[The ensuing days saw verification efforts underway including checking with various knowledgeable anglers and even a trip down to Balboa by PFIC member pierhead to authenticate the catch. Eventually it was determined that the fish had been caught on the pier and that indeed Aaron had caught it although it also turned out that three different people had been involved in the fight. A story in the Orange County Register helped to end the debate but didn’t change most people’s feelings about Aaron.]

Posted by hooked

Congrats man, I was the guy fishing to the left of you guys yesterday with the smokes and all. Unbelievable catch man, truly an amazing event. Probably the first and last time I'll ever here about a 35 lb yellow being pulled up from the pier. Good luck and seriously "Enjoy the publicity!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Posted by corbinaman1

WOW!!!! That is an amazing catch you won't ever forget! Awesome that it didn't hang you up in the pilings in that long of a fight either...some luck as well as angler skill was necessary to land that fish. I bet fish that size and larger were occasionally caught off piers about 50 years ago, but you just may be right about that being the largest yellow off a pier in many, many years. That is a fish to tell your kids and grandkids about...simply awesome!!!

Posted by TheCrw

Classic case of the girl who cried wolf...

Posted by spearo

The yellows are definitely around the piers right now...I was diving off the Scripps Pier on Wednesday in some exceptionally clear vis (35' inshore!) and I looked north while floating mid pier and a small school of 4 or 5 BIG yellowtail (maybe 30lb +) just cruise by...mind you this is in less than 20 feet of water, they were chasing a large school of smelt and sardines...they’re out there...just getting them is the problem...

Posted by fabolous

Ya right, this pic you could tell has been messed around with like Photoshoped or something like this. I can’t believe you guys are really thinking this is true.

Posted by bill

To add: Wrong pier for sure that looks like Newport to me also A 35 pound home-guard yellowtail caught on #15 using a corsair? Don't think so, even with my seeker sd8/slx40hv jig stick that would have been a tough fish to pull in and anywhere near structure that fish would have rocked you!

Posted by snookie

It is Balboa Pier in the background. We got the wood railings year before last. Fifteen-pound test line is great for a lot of big fish whether it's P-line or not. The fish is a beauty.

Posted by Ken Jones

I have decided to delete the thread until we have time to check a few things. It's unfortunate, and perhaps unfair to Aaron if he did indeed catch that fish at Balboa, but his past misdeeds (false claims about fish) have been well documented here and cause us to be cautious.

Posted by John Mykkanen

I was tuna fishing yesterday out of Newport landing (3 YFT myself) and spoke with some people local to the area that confirmed seeing the guy walking off the pier with the fish. They swore up and down the fish was caught off the pier. I believe the story even though I have not seen the deleted post. I was wondering if this board had it. Seems to be true. Yellows where biting up at the pipe and all along the coast, so it is not out of the question.

Posted by gordo grande

He was seen walking off the pier with the fish...I'm just wondering if anyone had seen him walking ON to the same pier beforehand.

Posted by kds99

I spoke with some of the regular's at Balboa and he did in fact catch the yellowtail off of the pier.

Posted by TheCrw

Did I say girl? Sorry my bad—didn't mean to make it derogatory in that context, just misquoted the saying. Don't want to be known as a “hater.” But again it's a prime example of the “Boy who cried Wolf — or in this case 35lbs Yellowtail.” For those who haven't been on the board to see the false reports this guy has posted in the past may not understand why some of us can't feel happy for the guy — he basically dug his own grave on this one. There was something else that bothered me in the previous deleted post was that he got 'handed' the rod — now that sounds really FishY! I bet he just got his picture taken w/ the fish. ~Elric aka TheCrw

Posted by mocteuzoma

I would've liked to see the pic. I didn't get a chance to see it. That way I can arrive at my own conclusions. Is there anywhere we can see it? Or is there no chance at all.

Posted by kds99

That is up to Ken; from reading his post, once he has confirmed that this is accurate I think he will repost it. Even if he was banned, and even if he is only trying to brag, I feel that since this is such a rare occurrence that it does belong on this board. Isn’t everyone being too picky here?

Posted by Chen the fishermen

So what if he is bragging?? Who wouldn’t if they caught a fish like this?? Till you catch a bigger fish then that, say your congrats and move on man.

Posted by pescare

It's not about whether or not he's bragging, it's about whether or not he's lying. He's done it before. Ed

Posted by bill

OK it's wood! Darn state and cheap @zz way of repairing things. Guy said he had a landing net right? Smartest thing you can do it to carry a landing net, many moons ago when they still had the bait/tackle shop on the pier they always had a net you could barrow. A long time ago My cousin caught a #47 halibut off there then turned around and got a #30er + #20, all with in about 2-3 hours. All on #15 Ande (1955 or there abouts).

Posted by Ken Jones

Hope to have some definitive answers later tonight.

Posted by pierhead

In all fairness to Aaron I drove to Balboa this morning to check out his story ... and to catch some bonito. No bonito but his story checks out ... I spoke with several regulars including Odin who says he posts under the name FearnoFish ... they all confirm the details of the original post. Supposedly an older couple who eat at Ruby's (on the pier) every morning have pictures of the fight. It's too bad he damaged his credibility with his previously disputed catch but this one appears to be legit. Congratulations Aaron on the incredible fish and the hour+ long fight to bring it in ... Pierhead

Posted by Red Fish

A couple of things here...
1.) Aaron is an excellent angler.
2.) He has much experience with game fish as evidenced from his many charter boat catches documented on this board before the posting guidelines were so stringent.
3.) If a bluefin could be caught from a SoCal pier, I believe he could do it. (Also, I do believe it was a gag before and he was going to come clean later after the ribbing).
4.) Hey, I believe the yellowtail story (and I'm sure Snookie does too).
5.) A fish like that is going to garner bragging rights off a pier any way it goes.
6.) Lastly, actually Fishy, didn't you in fact catch the fish? Aaron reeled it in. So Aaron DID NOT catch the fish, YOU did!!

Posted by FishY

Red fish. Let me explain. Aaron could not post, so he asked me to post it for him. It was not my rod and reel. I was not even fishing near or him, next to him, or around him. I heard the story and posted the picture for him.

Posted by Red Fish

Thomas caught the fish!! 'Well my buddy Thomas flylined a small 4inch sardine on 15-lb line on a corsair 300a and number 4 BRONZE BAITHOLDER hook and was picked up he yelled out and fish on.'
Sorry FishY, I thought your name was Thomas (I forgot your real name).
And, sorry Aaron, no props to you for catching the fish (although, nice assist).
Aaron, I sincerely hope you learn to have some integrity in your adult life (your not such a bad person or angler) but your ego is really superceding your talents. JMHO from an ol' fisherman.

Posted by DOMPFA Ben

Pride and prejudice...It is, perhaps, easier to browbeat this young man for past transgressions than to offer congratulations for current feats of skill, with a copious amount of luck thrown in for good measure.
I know neither the angler that purports to have caught this beast, nor do I know of his past issues with being excommunicated from the Church of Pierfishing.
That said, I proffer that each of us, at one time or another, has offered a fish story, or at least, painted a picture of the truth with liberal strokes of color and embellishment. Unless you are a purist, then it matters little whether or not this fish was caught from the pier, or caught under a paddy 30 miles out, or purchased from a fish wholesale operation. This website provides a valuable service to the onshore and nearshore fishing community. However, in my not-so humble opinion, if reports from this board are the sole source of your fishing desire and destination, then it is you I pity, not this poor kid with a sordid posting-past. I dismiss any argument that it “does a disservice to anglers.” On the contrary, it adds to the great mysteries of the ocean, and maybe, the magic of our sport. In the end, this young man will derive no financial gain from this. He will probably not make a commercial career out of pier-caught yellowtail. His credibility will in no way be restored by posting this catch, especially among those who felt duped the last time around.
But maybe, for the briefest of moments, he stood on a pier in the morning, like so many of us have before, and caught the fish of a lifetime. If it is true, then no one can take that away from him, and I hope that if his story is legitimate, that he will enjoy the experience for what it is: a PERSONAL best.
Furthermore, if a 400 lb. baby white shark can be poached from Hermosa Pier (not a proud moment for pier fishing, btw) then I can certainly believe that a yellowtail was caught from Balboa. If memory serves, the all-time calico bass record fish was caught just a few miles from there off a jetty in Newport.
If the story is complete balderdash, then perhaps a “boys will be boys” approach is most warranted, and we can dismiss the tale like twice-thawed squid. It is in our nature, fellow anglers, to facilitate and forward the most vivid picture of reality. And regarding the braggart aspects of the post, who among us has not posted a report for the sake of pride, even along side a verifiable “informational report?”
In the words of another great fisherman: “Let he who is without sin CAST the first stone.”
In summation, I don't know whether I should offer congratulations or denigration. Karma is what it is, and lightning sometimes strikes twice on the same graphite rod. Allah smiles even on the infidel from time to time. So the only question left is this: Are you going to cut bait, or fish?

Posted by Ken Jones

We're simply checking it out...Several times Aaron posted storied that turned out to be untrue and it caused a considerable amount of dissension on the board. He was banned as a result. If this was a legitimate catch at the pier he will receive considerable praise from all of us but we simply are checking with people that should be able to verify the catch and if it indeed was made on the pier.

Posted by DOMPFA Ben

I am sincerely glad to hear that, Ken et. al...As I said, this website is extremely valuable as an informational resource, and a place to share our experiences. It would be a shame to see it go to H-E-double hockey sticks with fake reports and the like. Other boards that I frequent are experiencing real problems with haters and aggravators. It is wise and appreciated by many that measures are taken to ensure this kind of problem doesn't go unresolved.
I am fully cognizant, as I said before, that I have not been around long enough to know the whole story with this kid. From what I have gathered, there were false posts and unsportsmanlike fishing activities going on, which I agree, is not to be tolerated.
If anyone feels so inclined, I'd entertain an e-mail explaining what has happened in the past.
My real feeling on it is similar to GG's and others' who stated how unfortunate it is that past transgressions have lead to him not being able to share an alleged lifetime catch with others.
Aesop is rolling over in his grave, I'm sure.
Thanks for keeping the integrity of this website at an A+ level, Ken and others.

Posted by pescare

Well said, but... There's another way to look at it. Most of us don't like being jerked around by a mola mola snagger, who when confronted about misdeeds and mis-truths spouts vulgarities and blames everyone but himself. It's a tired old behavior and if this guy caught Moby Dick on kite string, it wouldn't elicit a yawn from me. Ed

Posted by mel

I agree... Let's all make fools of other people, and tell our friends to lie for us, post fake reports about it, then go out and catch a big fish, and after that, let's all forget about what happened and be friends again. Oh, and don't for get to congratulate me and give me my props.

Posted by gordo grande

I might point out that the dissension caused by the previous hoax, (which is what it was), turned quite vehement and nasty after a while. As I remember, he expressed little or no remorse for wasting every one's time. If this story is indeed true, then young Aaron has indeed learned a good lesson, for the sweetness of this victory is sadly tainted by his untruths of the past. How much more would he be able to savor this moment, if we could share in his happiness without misgivings? What a shame to finally get the catch of a lifetime, and have no one believe you because of your past pranks!
Gordo Grande

Posted by Ken Jones

I just reopened the original post (below)...why?
1. I just talked to a local realtor who said he viewed the fight as well as the weighing in of the fish (and who promised to send me some more pictures). I'm still waiting to hear from several additional locals but it's beginning to look like it was a catch at the pier. He said the fish was weighed at the market and weighed 30.95 pounds although it was sort of draped over the scale with people holding the head up. He also said he wondered once if the fish would be caught at all since Aaron was apparently swearing up a storm and some people were getting upset at his antics. He wondered if someone would light a cigarette slip and burn Aaron's line. So one again Aaron doesn't come across as a saint—but he apparently caught the fish.
2. People are interested and want to see the fish.

Posted by Davey jones

Why Aaron's Fish? First off; the YT was hooked on Thomas's set-up and then passed to Aaron; and then to Chris, who was given the rod after Aaron decided he could not catch it. It was Chris at the rod and Aaron at the net, and Chris who took it home to fillet. I sure hope Chris gives some of that YT to Thomas and also Aaron. Aaron and Chris should thank Thomas for the chance to fish with a rig that held up to a YT.

Posted by Ken Jones

Is this the same Aaron who’s the 17-year-old deckhand?

Posted by baitfish

Aaron is Bayfisher86

Posted by Ken Jones

Yes I know, aka fishaholic, but is he a deckhand of a boat?

Posted by kds99

He does work for Davy's Locker at times as a deck hand. I don’t think he gets paid but he has told me several times that he does help out on the boats

Posted by tunanator

It’s definitely possible, although I too was told about the time he took a frozen albacore and claimed to catch it from the jetty... but man the way the local fishing is heating up now, its totally possible, and I do respect his fishing ability. I figured the action had shut down when the bonito went away, but I guess the bonito are still here from the way it looks on this board.
Hard enough to land a 30+ yellow on a boat with 15#, the biggest I can remember catching on light line (15) was an 18# yellow on a 3/4 day on the freelance. I’ve caught bigger, but usually on 25# line.
To do it from a pier is impressive because of the pilings, but he told me about the 25# halibut he caught on a spinner with light line and a jig while trying to snag a lost net. I know he has decked or pinheaded on boats at Daveys, and he does know his stuff. Think of it this way, is it normal for 1/2 day boats in November to catch 20#+ yellows? or for 3/4 boats to hook 30# yellowfin tuna? Not normal, but it IS happening. Lets just hope the action never ends... but now is a good time to get out there and fish. Keith

Date: November 4, 2003
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Ken Jones
Subject: Balboa and The Lessons of Life...

The Lessons of Life…
The word character is one of those words that is sometimes referred to as a Janus-faced word, a word that can be used with two opposite connotations. Thus the boy has character (good) or the boy is a character (bad). Janus-faced and contradictory feelings also reflect to some degree the response of this board to the news of a large yellowtail caught at the Balboa Pier.
Normally news of such a catch is greeted with a mixture of good will, admiration, and congratulatory messages. Depending upon the report it can also be met with skepticism, at least until the catch is verified. Once verified, most messages are positive. In this case the gamut of response has ranged from amazement to disinterest and antagonism. The responses have themselves become somewhat of a story with people offering philosophical and spiritual advice to fellow board members. References have been made to Aesop’s Fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and the Church of Pierfishing (does that make me Reverend Jones?). And finally, boys will be boys.
I’m sure it’s a little hard to fathom for the newcomer to the board or the occasional lurker. But the emotions run high because of past transgressions on the board by Aaron, the young man who caught the yellowtail (or at least was one of three who seemingly held the rod during the fight)—and why does the picture not show all three young men? In the past few years Aaron has, shall we say, been less than truthful. He’s reported large sharks from the pier that turned out to be false. He’s reported the catch of an albacore from Newport Harbor that turned out to be false. He’s reported other more mundane catches that were obviously false. And he’s reported actions and behavior on the pier that was egregious, unsporting, and the antithesis of what most of members of this board are trying to teach—ethical and legal behavior. In most cases there was initial congratulation followed by criticism once the true story was revealed.
In every case Aaron responded as an injured party who did not appreciate, or learn from, the criticism. Eventually he was banned from the site, one of only a handful of such bans during the past six years. Given that we have more than 6,000 registered members who can post, the banning was an accomplishment in itself.
It was unfortunate since the young man has obvious fishing skills and perhaps knowledge to share. But he had become a pariah to most members of this angling fraternity. We do not demand that our fellow anglers be saints, but we do ask that they at least be truthful and try to lead an ethical and legal life on the piers.
About this time members may be asking the purpose of this note and why I am spending valuable time writing it. Good question! Aaron posted his recent catch via a third party (since he himself was banned) and has once again involved the board in controversy. It cannot be avoided even though I could delete every reference to this catch and pretend it didn’t happen. The catch is also reported on several other boards and evidently Aaron has contacted several newspapers and magazines about the fish. (And again, why is there so little reference to the other two participants?)
The catch happened, it’s a notable fish from a notable pier, and it deserves attention. It’s unfortunate that the experience could not be a totally positive experience and that board members are left wondering if the picture was faked, if the fish was brought from a boat and photographed on the pier, if other people were involved in another escapade of deception. Unfortunately, because of his past ploys, questions will persist about this catch. There was a time in history when words and pictures would prove a catch, those days are gone. It’s unfortunate for Aaron and it’s unfortunate for the board.
What we do hope is that a lesson about life has been learned during this episode. Truthfulness and character are always more important than simple accomplishment – unless the accomplishment is that of growth. We hope that in the future Aaron will display integrity and ethical behavior in his actions to go along with his fishing skills. If he does he will have shown growth and perhaps some day deserve to be included in the pantheon of top pier anglers, people such as Songslinger, Snookie, Mola Joe and the recently deceased Stan.


Date: November 6, 2003
To: PFIC Message Board
From: The Fisherman
Subject: In the Register

If you look on the side panel of the sports section of OC Register (left side), you’ll see a picture of Aaron and his 33lb yellowtail. Then on page 15 on the bottom, there’s the story! There’s your proof! Chris "Farmer John"

This fish tale proves credible

NEWPORT BEACH – Catching a 35-pound yellowtail off the Balboa Pier is as unlikely and unbelievable as landing a 42-pound albacore in Newport Bay.
So when the incredible story of a kid catching a 35-pound yellowtail off the pier started to spread, skeptics raised a wary eye as they considered the source.
Did he really catch the fish?
Did Aaron Jeffrey, 17, of Westminster actually pull off this amazing feat?
“Aren't you the same kid that posted a report on about a 42-pound albacore that you supposedly caught in Newport Bay?” someone wrote on the Allcoast Sportfishing online message board. “You admitted to making up that story do you really expect us to believe this one?”
A post of the story on earlier this week was removed by the moderator until he checked it out because the angler's “past misdeeds (false claims about fish) have been well documented here and cause us to be cautious.”
As people heard this, many started thinking what a story it would be if he really did catch the fish and nobody believed him. He'd be the boy who cried wolf.
Well, meet the boy who cried wolf. Jeffrey's story is true, confirmed by credible eyewitnesses who watched him fight and land the big fish Saturday morning.
Jeffrey expected people not to believe him after his “joke gone bad” in the summer when he claimed to have caught the albacore in the bay.
“I knew it was probably going to happen,” he said. “That's why I didn't get all uptight and defensive about it. I knew I had it coming.”
“(But) I have witnesses, and Thomas (Nguyen) was there, he got bit, I fought it, people saw us hooked up to the fish on the pier. That's all that matters, I got the fish on the pier.”
And that doesn't happen every day, as Vernona Fath of Santa Ana, better known as Snookie, can attest.
“As far as I know, there's never been one that size (caught off the pier) in my day,” said Fath, a pier regular for 59 years.
“Five- and six-pounders are the main ones I've seen. I've caught those.”
She also once hooked into a yellowtail believed to be a 15-pounder but lost it.
Using a live sardine, Nguyen, of Westminster, hooked the monster fish and fought it for five minutes before turning it over to Jeffrey.
For nearly 1 1/2 hours, Jeffrey went up and down the pier, following the fish, gently steering him out between the pylons, luck at his side.
“We were real surprised the line didn't snap (in the pylons),” said Jeffrey, adding that the line was 15-pound fluorocarbon.
Mostly, the fish tired itself out running straight out from the pier. At the end, the exhausted yellowtail did two full circles around a pylon.
Jeffrey handed the rod to Chris Ramos of Irvine and lowered the crab net that is used to land big fish.
After missing a couple of times, he lowered the net far below the fish. As a wave pushed the yellowtail into position, Jeffrey pulled up the net as quickly as he could.
The near-lifeless fish flopped into the bottom of the net and Jeffrey pulled it up.
“It was hanging outside (both ends of) the net,” said Kathryn Battistone, general manager of Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier. “It was unbelievable to catch a fish that big.”
Walt Floyd, a Ruby's regular, saw most of the fight. He thought it was a bat ray at first, as did the anglers.
“I was surprised,” Floyd said. "That was worth the price of admission. The kid never lost his cool."
Jeffrey took the fish to the Balboa Angling Club to get it weighed. Finding it closed, he went to Davey's Locker and Newport Landing, searching for a scale.
He finally wound up at Balboa Village Market. On a certified scale, the fish weighed 32 1/2 pounds with the tail resting on the counter, market owner Robert St John said.
Jeffrey said it was actually 30.95 pounds with head and tail resting on the counter. He wanted to cut the fish in half so it would all fit on the scale to get a true weight, but Nguyen wanted to keep it whole so it could be mounted.
Either way, it could easily be called a 35-pounder. No hoax this time.
Jeffrey said he had planned to come clean on his albacore tale the next day but a friend “ratted” on him online an hour after he made his post.
“I didn't know people were going to take it so personal (serious),” he said. “If I would've known that, I would never have posted it in the first place.”
Asked if he ever intends to tell another tall fish tale, he replied with an emphatic “No.”
“It's kind of like, don't tell a joke at a funeral. Bad time, you shouldn't do it, shouldn't happen,” he said. “Trust me, that was just a joke that was meant to be funny that went south before it could go funny.”
Jeffrey also said he has learned his lesson.

—Dave Strege, The Orange County Register

Posted by Ken Jones

Chris (Farmer John), We verified and reported the fact that the yellowtail was caught quite some time ago and we reported the fact that Aaron did indeed have a hand in the capture of the fish. It was not his fish initially but he did indeed play it for much of the time and deserves partial credit for its capture.

Posted by Sinker

Oh Chris. Still sense the anger in your posts and the need to prove things to the rest of the board — Why? You know why, you and Aaron have deceived the board on to many occasions. You can only blame yourselves for others not believing you. Yes Aaron was involved in the catch of the fish but not like it is being reported - why do you think that is? You see he still isn't coming clean. You are not getting any younger and it would seem not any wiser either.
Let it go and move on. Try and focus on yourself and regaining the trust of the thousands of California Anglers that visit this site. Your anger towards the members here is misdirected it belongs on your own shoulders and Aarons.
You both have potential, things to share and some skill but it has been muted by the lies and poor attitude shown in the past. The time has come to let it go and start fresh don't you think? Hopefully you will think about this rather than responding in a angry defensive manner as in the past.

Posted by kastmaster

Honorable mention goes to Ken. :) I'm sure is gonna get quite a bit more users added to it's database this week. kastmaster

Posted by jkim

Hey, I got quoted! Funny (and kinda alarming) to see something you wrote on a public message board end up in a newspaper article.

Posted by DOMPFA Ben

I think we all have learned a lesson... So the kid has been a liar, and the kid has been a stick...Talk about a conundrum.
What have I learned? Well, I've certainly refreshed the idea in my mind that even a broken clock is right twice a day... I suppose it's possible for a yarn-spinner to still catch a nice fish between stories of same... it's just hard for people to buy it.
I think it was P.T. Barnum that said: "You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, and catch a big arse yellow-jack from a pier once in your time..."
Isn't that how it goes? DOMPFA,

Posted by Red Fish

The kid talks the talk and walks the walk...Isn't there also a saying that goes, “If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.....” The kid has both, brilliance and BS, LOL!!!

The kid talks the talk and walks the walk...

Posted by corbinaman1

Saw The Article...Is Legit! Definitely a catch of a lifetime from the pier! Hopefully Aaron learned his lessons from his past behavior and will be more truthful from now on. He does have a lot of fishing knowledge and skill...hopefully he will try to follow the rules better in the future.

Posted by pescare

Refreshing to see that he admits here that he did not hook the fish. Not sure why the reporter gave him so much of the credit though.

Yellowtail_Balboa_2003_11.1_3_back shot.jpg

Red Fish

Senior Member
I would like to know what these “kids” are doing (15) years later. I am sure Aaron and Thomas have many more fish tales since then.
So, it seems Aaron’s name is the only one really credited with the catch after all this time.
I am imagining nothing like that has been caught off of there in (15) years. I see Crystal and Imperial have seen some catches.

Ken Jones

Staff member
As for Balboa and yellowtail, quite a few have been caught during the warm water years since that date. However, none, as far as I know, approached that fish in size.

As far as Aaron, I've had the same thoughts. He’s now an adult and it would be interesting to know if Is he working in the fishing industry (as is MinnowMagnet) and what his reflections were on these incidents from an earlier time?