Clarification on take and possession...

Ken Jones

Staff member
In answer to a couple of questions, I contacted Ed Roberts at the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. (1) You are only allowed to take and to keep in possession one daily limit of fish. So, even if you were to go fishing on consecutive days, and catch two limits of fish, you can only possess one limit. In essence, if you had put a limit of fish in your freezer and then go out and catch more fish you must release those fish. (2) You cannot share fish when pier or shore fishing. If you catch your limit, and then catch more fish, you cannot simply give the over limit fish to other anglers. Anything you catch and keep (even if given away) is applied to your daily limit and possession. The rule is different on boats where a total boat limit is enfoced and anglers can share their fish. Why different? I'm not sure, but have been told it is mainly due to political pressure from Sportfishing groups/landings. (3) What about if you are fishing and hook a fish but give your rod to another angler to land the fish? That fish is part of that angler's daily catch and limit; it does not count toward your limit. Whoever lands the fish is responsible for that fish.