Central Coast Rocks in June

Another late report from the Central Coast. This is getting to be a habit. I have pictures backed up since June. So here we go.

Weather and water has made things difficult this year. The wind starts blowing earlier, the water is rougher and fishing has been really difficult. I’ve used up a lot of tackle because the water is so rough moving my tackle along the bottom until it snags. Some movement is good, but snags are not. Also, fresh bait has been hard to find and I have been using frozen squid and/or smelt. There are some fish out there but you have to be a patient fisherman. Suprisingly, I have seen a lot more fisherman out than in the past. Probably because people just want to get out of the house now, but I try to avoid them. I like my solitary spots.

These are pictures from trips in June. I try to get out at least once a week.

The month started out well with a nice cab and grassie.

The second week was the surprise fish of the month. I don’t see many lings fishing from shore. They seem to do a good job avoiding me. As soon as I caught him, I went home. Nothing else I could catch that day would match that ling cod. This one fish also provided four meals - and that’s what i fish for: food.

Trip 3: I caught a couple of healthy grass rockfish. The only bites I got all morning.

Trip 4: Once again, the cabs saved the day.

Have to get some food in here. One of the things I like to cook with cab is Mediterranean fish soup.

Got in one more trip in June. I finished up the month with a couple more nice grass rockfish.

This is real life fishing on the Central Coast. With the wind and water, I consider myself lucky to come home with some nice fish.


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Excellent fishing in tough conditions! That keeper Lingcod from shore is an enviable catch for sure! I love our Southern California fishery but if there is one thing that I wish we had were some shore spots that could produce this type of rock fishing. Perhaps I should try Palos Verdes...


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Nice fishing. I've noticed a lot of the social media fisherman are heading south of SF to make their videos ( a lot in Monterrey down to the 805), that could be why there are more people on the rocks these days.