Central Coast Rocks and Rockfish January 2022

It’s a New Year and I am behind a month already; but here is a little about my first two weeks In January.

I’ve had to watch the tides, the swell and the weather as it has just not been very good fishing conditions so far this year. The rainy December also made it difficult to climb up and down the bluffs. Terrain seems to have changed with erosion from the rain and the big waves. Lucky to be retired, as I can pick the times that I want to get out and fish. But the fish are there, you just have to get your bait in front of them to get them interested.

All fish were caught on squid, casting out far. So far, all the fish were nice rockfish which is what I am fishing for. Surprisingly, the cabs have not shown up so far this winter. This is the time of year that they usually move in closer to shore. Maybe the rough water has kept them out farther.

First week:

Second week:

In the words of Ringo Starr: “It don’t come easy!”