Central Coast Rocks 7/15

High tide was at 6:15AM at 3.2ft
Low tide was at 1.7 ft around noon

I know this report is almost a month old, but I guess, any report is a good report even if late. I’ve also just been shying away from the computer lately. This will be short and sweet.

Since high tide was around 6, I decided to fish a shallow spot, knowing that the water would be deepest there early and would be going out all morning. It was very slow fishing - a bite here, a bite there. I managed three black and yellow rockfish. They’re not very big but they make good fish tacos.

I switched from frozen smelt to squid at about half tide. I got a bite on the first cast, but I just missed it - it happens to everybody. I just kept on casting and finally got the final hit of the day which was a legal cabezon.

Not very exciting picture, not very big fish, but, as I said, the black and yellows make good fish tacos. And here they are.

Fishing has been slow on the Central Coast. Rough water and lots of afternoon wind, but you still can catch your dinner.