Catalina Trip - Where to Store Fishing Rods

Hi everyone - first time going to Catalina on and day trip with family and wanted to do some sightseeing and fishing tomorrow.

Couple questions:
1) Where do you store your fishing rods while on the Catalina Express boat to Catalina? I'm just taking 2 rods (each are 2-piece rods - one 6 1/2 ft rod and one 7 ft rod) and a backpack.

2) Is there a place where I can store my rods like a locker while I'm sightseeing so that I don't have to carry them with me all day?

I plan to tour the area early afternoon then do some fishing around 4pm-7pm at Cabrillo Mole.

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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The crew of Catalina Express will direct you where to store your gear. Depending on the boat you take.

On the Mole, across from the CE ticket office there is a luggage storage place. You can pay to store your rods there.
Lockers are not tall enough for the rods.

Make sure you ask for their closing time. Being independent operation, they close when they want.

Feel free to ask (specific) questions here to help you have a good time.
Bummer on the locker storage not being tall enough for fishing rods I think my only option is carrying them around (may have to scale down to just light rods or just even 1 rod) - thanks.
Check these located to the back of the girl standing. Zoom in. Rotate camera to get familiar with the building.
Cabrillo Peninsula - Google Maps

Blue Line Storage

Cabrillo Peninsula - Google Maps
Thanks here's my report as of 8/28 Saturday - I found that the end of the Cabrillo Mole they have daily "large" item storage spaces where you check in your fishing rods for $7. That combine with the lockers for $1 per access made for a convenient one day trip that allowed me to go sightseeing and also fish.

We did the submarine tour that took u to Lover's Cove and saw so many huge opaleye, calico, and some other kind of fish with stripes (it didn't look familiar to me but had the body of a perch). I thought for sure I'd be able to catch one of those huge fish.

I started fishing around 4PM and the conditions were perfect. Water temp was 72 degrees and outside was 80 degrees and low wind. Calm water and I didn't see any kelp on the top of the water.

I fished 2 rods - one 6 1/2 ft rod with float set up on size 8 hook then switched to dropper loop with only one hook after no success (since there was no kelp on the top I think the fish were lower in the water) and another 7 ft rod with dropper look single hook with size 1 circle hook.

I used green peas for the smaller rod (2-3 peas on the hook) and market shrimp for the larger rod.

I'll experienced the same things that others have been saying in that as soon as I cast out (I was casting on left corner and straight down since I lost 3 rigs when I cast out with even a slight "boost" in my cast) I got bites. So in that way I was constantly having to watch 2 rods and this realistically made to neglect my shrimp rod although I got the most "furious" tugs on this one. These fish were truly "gansta" because they were experts at stealing my bait. I even threaded my shrimp after the fist handful of casts and still, the thievery would not stop (it just took a minute longer for the fish to eat my bait).

So the outcome was that on my smaller rod I caught 4 smaller calico and 1 female sheephead (the sheephead catch was also undersized but fun since it was around 8-10 inches and also especially fun since my family walked up to me in the midst of me catching the fish and since the Catalina Express crowd was there waiting for their boat with nothing to do all the attention was on my fish :)).

I noticed another group of fishermen (we were the only ones on the Mole during this time from 4PM - 7:30PM) brought lures with small slip floats and although they weren't casting far, they managed to catch some huge barracuda - one that was probably 3 feet). I noticed boils nearby in castable range but again I didn't have the equipment so I was a bit frustrated that I lost that opportunity. I didn't see any bonito caught that day.

All in all a fun day with family and fishing especially since it was my first time fishing at the island.