Catalina trip 8/17/2021. Long w/pic.

Ken Jones

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Cool to see both the barracuda and the triggerfish. By the way, I think the triggerfish are as good eating as any fish you can catch at the Mole. Of course your fillet knife will be dull when you get through with the triggerfish.


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Nice to see you get on some Pelagic fish! Awesome story about you handing your rod to that guy to fight the legal barracuda! Great report and fishing!


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I imagine myself walking on a pier, and someone out of blue, handing me a rod to fight a fish. My surprise and delight will have no limit.

Thus, I try to make that possible for others.

I remember during one gathering at the Mole, Gordo Grande hooked a bonito and handed it to a trout fisherman from Arizona.
After the fight; when he saw the 4.5 lbs. bonito in the net, he had a smile bigger than his face.
Big difference in fighting a trout, vs a bonito.