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I just got this email from Seacrest Inn staff.

Hi Hashem,
We have November 3-6 open along with December 1-4, December 8-11, December 15-18, December 23-25.. Palm Room, Garden Room, and Seashell room are all open, $195.00 for palm room = $655.20 with tax for 3 nights. Garden Room $205 for Garden room- $688.80 with tax for 3 nights. Seashell Room $195.00 a night= Seashell Room= $655.20 for 3 nights with tax. Let us know if you would like to book any of these dates.

- Amber Seacrest Inn

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I may want to purchase some T-shirts whether I go or not if you go with the 2008 design. It is my all time favorite and wish I would have gotten that design when I went then.
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