Cabrillo Mole March 7th


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I’ll do this post from my phone to test the new image attachment settings.

Took a friend of mine fishing who I know from ballroom dancing. She is new to fishing but has been on 3 fishing trips prior to this all on charter boats.

She had a difficult time mostly because when she bought her pole, they sold her a conventional reel. She was having backlash and bird’s nest issues throughout the day and being unfamiliar with conventional reels myself, it took me the better part of the day to diagnose what was going on and to help her avoid it. By then her reel was so tangled that a good amount of line will need to be replaced to make it functional again.

I setup a float rig for her on my small spinning setup and she had an easier time casting and catching fish on that pole. In the end she caught:
2 Senorita
2 rock wrasse
2 Calico bass
1 blue perch
1 ocean white fish

Today was another day where I was struggling hooking fish on blood worms or shrimp. These baits were getting stolen so quickly with such subtle bites that it was frustrating. I probably persisted longer than I should have with those baits cause I had brought so much of them.

When I switched to squid, I found a better rhythm and started catching fish more consistently. The main consequence to switching to squid is far less smaller fish. I ended up with similar amounts of keeper sized fish but way less smaller Sheephead. I just think that my baits were getting stolen by smaller wrasses before the Sheephead could bite

I ended keeping:
3 Sheephead (including two 16” fish)
7 ocean white fish
3 blue perch

I gave the smaller Sheephead and 2 ocean white fish to my friend to round out her take home from the day.

A couple things I learned. The reliable afternoon Ocean white fish bite that a few of us have been reporting is actually available through the day if you can cast far enough. There was a young UC Berkeley student who must have landed over 20 Ocean White fish by flinging his high low rig with squid far out. When I started casting farther I was able to duplicate his result.

Another interesting report was from a guy and his wife visiting from Arizona. He said that the day before he had caught 7 keeper sized calico bass and a bunch of shorts by fly lining bigger pieces of squid. The same tactic today only produced two fish both decent size but short (12-13”).


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I too noticed from March-May there is a very consistent whitefish bite if you can get out far enough. I will definitely be heading out there sometime between the 20th and 27th...