Cabrillo Beach Pier Tuesday August 2nd

Fishman Fishman

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Fished the morning until about 11 a.m. then the wind picked up. Caught and released one small round ray with squid and a short halibut with live smelt. No mackerel around.

Lost a large ray by failing to follow the fish (FTFF). Rookie mistake! I hooked the ray about mid pier and it made several long runs out towards the middle of the harbor. It then turned and headed south towards the end of the pier. I was alone and wanted to work the ray towards me and my net. I didn't follow it, I lost the angle and any leverage to turn its head and line broke after rubbing against end of pier piling. Oh well! Fish and learn. Next time. 🙂

Several regulars fishing the surf zone caught and released several short halibut. One keeper halibut 23 3/4 inches landed. All fish caught with live smelt.

FYI. All parking meters moved to entrances of parking lot, next to parking attendant booths. No meters close to pier. Parking citation runs about $60.00 Per a regular pier walker, parking enforcement very active.

Good luck fishing.

Fishman Fishman

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Glad to see you got some action but that parking sounds kind of dumb.
It can be inconvenient if you arrive early to an unattended booth and innocently drive by. Once you arrive at pier parking there are no signs regarding parking, etc. That happened to me, I just assumed administration was in transition to new meters and temporary "free" parking. I incidentally learned about the new parking meter locations by talking to one of the regular pier walkers. I was ready to leave my gear unattended on the pier while I sorted out my parking situation. He graciously gave me a valid parking permit for my truck. I was so grateful for his generosity! And very fortunate!