Cabrillo Beach Pier - Slow Bite

Fishman Fishman

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Fished Wednesday morning from 05:30 to 12:00. Mackerel bite from about 0600 to 0900. A Mackerel fisherman next to me caught 14 on cut Mackerel. During the same time period I managed 3 Topsmelt on cut bait, hi/lo rig. No macks!

Around 10:00 Jacksmelt showed up. I caught 4. Three on cut anchovy. One on a sardine colored metal jig.

No bites using live Smelt. No bites, nibbles, or hits on larger set up for bottom fishing. Really slow.

Was a beautiful warm sunny day with no wind. It was really nice on the pier. Fish were just some place else.

Saw a large seal scoop up some Mackerel carcasses from the ocean bottom. He nabbed three! The carcasses thrown into the water earlier by the Mackerel fisherman. Same seal had two Sabiki hooks on his body. One on the right side of his neck and one on left side of his body. Only saw hooks, no trailing fishing line.

Overall another enjoyable day on a SCal pier! Good luck fishing.