Cabrillo Beach Pier - October 17th

Fishman Fishman

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Last trip to this pier was in July. Thought I would try again. Overcast morning. Fished a high tide. Caught and released one Black perch, five Lizardfish and about a dozen Shiner perch. Used a few Lizardfish and Shiner perch for live bait without success.

The Black perch was caught on the jetty side of the pier with shrimp, on a hi/lo rig.
The Shiner perch and Lizardfish caught on a sabiki rig tipped with shrimp and anchovy.

Very few fishermen on the pier. Did not see anyone catch anything. Packed things up by 11:00 a.m.

One interesting note. The live bait barge has moved locations within the harbor. It's now closer to the end of the pier. Not within casting range. Perhaps the livebait will attract more fish near pier?

Good luck and stay safe!



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Thanks for your intel about the live bait barge. I too agree that may change things on fishing from the pier a little. I haven't gone out there for ages. Your report made me want to visit there! Thank you!