Cabin Fever Drives Me Insane

I need a brake from Cabin Fever, Equipped myself with PPE, along with a double filtration mask, i was ready to take on whatever is out there (fish wise). walk the beach, look for the trough. came to this spot, it looked very fishy. cast out a hair raiser, worked it in slowly and right about 5 feet where i was standing, the fish grab the lure & took off. it make a mad dash to the right and came back to the left. The drag on the reel was holding it's ground like it should be. after a few moment later, The fish beach itself. Move around some more and saw another nice trough, Hook up another striper and few more perchs, it was a fun day and that feeling that i almost forget due to shelter in place. Have Fun,Be Safe Everyone.
Location: Southern part of San Mateo
Tackle: 9' PHoenix Rod w/ shimano Curado
Leader: 20 lb pp tie FG Knot 20 fluor. leader