Braid for surf fishing

Recently changed out mono to braid line to add line capacity to a smaller reel. The other day I took it out and try it out. The surf was kind of rough but not unfishable. But what turned out to be unfishable was the braid line rig. Although I managed to catch a couple perch on the Carolina rigged grub offeringsI would retrieve a mess at the end of the line, twisted almost every cast and more than a couple times I needed to re-rig. Beyond frustrating and making me re-think braid in the surf.


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I remember having the same frustration way back when. Now I can't really remember what I did to change. I'll run 15lb braid with 1.5-2 oz weight all day long and have no problems. Maybe too little weight?

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Cheaper reels sometimes have bad line lay. My fierce2 4000 has this problem. Lotta wind knots when I had a really full spool. Try to spool it at a shop with a machine and take off a little line from the top. The friction from the spool lip should keep it from tangling.
i read somewhere that going to braid, you should keep the same diameter as you would for mono... i've also tried 15 and 20lb braid for surf and got alot of knots.. i'm trying 30lb braid next


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Less is more for braid. Don't fill it to the brim like you would mono and it is also more prone to line twist. Make sure your swivel is decent quality and it should reduce the amount of twist. Also, if you are running lighter leader, make sure its stiffer (floro or stiff mono like maxima). I had issues with mono leaders getting twisted up with braid a lot until i ran a stiffer leader material.
Do you have any specific details of who it's fouling up?