I fished the Redondo pier on Saturday and caught a few mackerel but was hoping to catch a bonito. I haven’t seen any bonito caught all summer and was wondering if any of you have had any luck this summer? It’s seems awfully late for the bones not to have made an appearance?
That would be nice, but that's not my experience since the 80's. They usually bite into Aug then as the water temps hit 70s they stop biting artificials and mainly target bait. They follow the bait balls up the coast, but The bait situation is grimm, water temps are all over the place, I just saw red tide in Huntington on Fri when I rode to the coast. There is a cold bubble just sitting along the coast in OC/LA with warm water outside. No bonito in Half day boat counts from SD to LA except a few at Catalina. Looks like an off year for the bones. Offshore there are monster bones in the Tuna and YT grounds.


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There will be off years where bonito are no where to be found or not in the high quantities. Generally though I find the fall time is where they should be around. Some piers/jetties may see some action and others nothing.

Sabiki type lures / dressed hooks with 2 oz torpedo sinker were my go-to for bonito / mackerel.