Bolsa Chica?

Bolsa Chica State Beach is full of great fishing. Actually all of Surfside to Newport Beach is good. To avoid paying to enter the State Beach you can park North of Warner Ave. by the Jack in the Box and fish the Sunset Beach/Surfside shore. I will ride my bike south to the inlet from there.

As for the State Beach, the inlet is a wonderful spot for halibut and white seabass, yes keeper size for both. Look at the tides and plan on being there for the swing. The water rips in and out of there and when the tide turns you have 15 to 20 min when the water stops and things go wild. I've seen many large corbina caught but never any barred surfperch.

As posted above, DO NOT FISH UNDER OR BEYOND THE PCH BRIDGE!!! It is a MLPA. The DFG/DFW go there regularly and there is no excuse which will get you out of a ticket and possibly lose your gear.

The beach shore has awesome perch, corbina, croaker and shark/ray fishing. The long rod/sand spike with a big weight will get you the croakers, huge spotfins and rays using mussles. The 'skinny water' light line, light weight carolina rig in the shore break will get you perch and corbina. Sandcrabs, Gulp Sandworms, Lug Worms, Blood Worms and MORF 1 1/2 in grubs work real well.

Check it out, there are plenty of anglers there who are friendly and will offer advise and get you hooked up.
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