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Had the itch to fish for trout. Went on Sat. On the way up, 4 car collision causing 1hour and half of delay. Wind was blowing gently, but it was cold. I didn't even need to bring ice, there was snow on the shores. Caught 4 pink meat trout with green powerbait. Nothing big, 2 pounders. Used c-rigs with 2 and a half long leaders. Long leaders for the damn weeds(still bad). Find clear water and you will find the fish. On the way down the mountain, there was a car fully engulf in flames. The owners were fine and stared at the flames in disbelief.


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Well done! Good advice on the leader length to get above the weeds. I use longer leaders on the c-rig to get my floating bait above either weeds or (in some cases) large rocks like those found in the higher granite basin lakes. When I tell people not to be afraid to use up to a 4 foot leader, they smile and back slowly away from the "crazy" guy. But I catch a lot more trout than most folks because my offering is actually VISIBLE to the fish.
Thanks for the report!


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A small football shaped Styrofoam floats, 10" below the hook can help the floating power bait.

My preference is Mepp lure with red doted silver blade. Going back to my childhood in Iran.