Best cheap cast net?

I’ve been itching to fish the herring runs in the S.F. bay, but haven’t gotten a cast net yet. I just recently got an amazon gift card and am looking to buy one around 20. Any recommendations or suggestions from the experienced cast netters out there for a beginner?

Red Fish

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I got a 3’ Ahi brand net from Walmart for $18. Not that big, but if you hit a full-blown spawn, you can catch herring with any size net.
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Heavier nets sink faster. The sea lions have learned its easier to fish the nets so bring fishing line to patch up the holes.
-Good point Frank. The seals haven’t gotten my nets yet. But, I look for them (first) before I throw and then pull up right away if I see one.
-Also, you don’t need much net to catch herring. I have old nets that have I saved that have been torn already that suit the purpose. I use these to throw off the bank and rocks for herring/baitfish. Could also be used if you see groups of seals present.
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